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Savage Island

100m Paracord Reel - Various colours available

100m Paracord Reel - Various colours available

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100m on reel

3mm diameter

Tough outer polypropylene outer with multifilament inner

Holds knots well & heat seals easily with a lighter


Our 100m reel of para cord is an essential piece of gear whether you are using field craft skills or just need a rope for everyday purposes this is the one for you! Ideal for camping to tie up bivis, bashas, tarps, netting or any other situation that needs a strong, durable, lightweight rope. Must have for all outdoor pursuits enthusiast, bushcraft, camping, hiking & army/cadet.


Note: This product is not 550 cord, Not rated as load bearing rope do not use to lift or support heavy items including individuals, this is not a climbing rope.

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